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Make the most of your stay at the Yarmouth Resort with our great Cape Cod hotel deals and special packages.  Stay at the Yarmouth Resort and take advantage of these great specials and package deals at some of Cape Cod’s best attractions.  From golf to weddings, you’ll find great Hyannis hotel deals and vacation package to make your stay with us even more enjoyable and affordable.

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Yarmouth Resort Get-Away Card

Yarmouth Resort Get-Away Card

Our MOST POPULAR SELLER, enjoy Cape Cod, for $43.00 dollars per night, by purchasing a “9” night Pre-paid travel card, valid for two years.  Card is subject to some travel restrictions.  Valid Year Round, from September 1st trough June 25th-1 punch per stay, per night.  Holidays & Summer- 2 punches per stay, per night, midweek.  Holidays & Summer-3 punches per stay, per night, weekends.  Applicable room tax due at check-in.  Cost $387.00 per card.

$387.00 per card